As a DONA trained birth and postpartum doula, I offer non-medical, emotional and physical support and coaching for a soon-to-be mother, new mother, mother again and her family during the third and fourth trimester of pregnancy. I provide, assistance, companionship, and serve as a resource on the variety of challenges that new mothers encounter during the beginning of their new journey.


"I can't think of a better qualified and a more loving person to be a doula."
-Barbara W.

“We wanted to write a quick note of thanks for the cookies and wonderful support during pregnancy and the early parenting days."
-Susan and Max Frantz

"Thank you so much for the good grub and great advice so soon after Milo was born! The Wonder Weeks book recommendation has been so great regarding Milo’s development."
-Lena, Brent, Milo + Co.

As a mother and DONA trained doula, I'm honored to be a part of your nurturing process. I provide unconditional acceptance and support for the entire family. My goal is to help parents recognize their intuitive abilities, serve as a resource for newborn care, provide resources to assist in the creation of more time for bonding and family growth, and relieve some of the responsibilities of daily household tasks.

black toddler hugging white woman with love

young daughter pressing head against pregnant moms belly

mother hugging her newborn baby against face