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About Sally Hammerman

Hi! My name is Sally. I live in West Chester, Pennsylvania and am the loving mother to 4 wonderful children, two cats, and a black lab everyone loves! Three of my pregnancies were all natural childbirths (no medication), while one was an emergency c-section. All my babies were healthy at birth and are now healthy, loving, grown adults!

After my last birth of twins (one natural, one c-section), I became compelled to work with women directly. I was a community health nurse, and quickly realized that labor, delivery, and nurturing are wondrous act of nature. This renewed passion led me to becoming a birth and postpartum doula. This work allows me to give back to people and families from all walks of life.

I attend hospital and home births, c-section births, natural deliveries, and pain-managed labors. I believe each family deserves the highest level of loving support to have whatever kind of birth they desire. I also work with families through miscarriage, stillbirth, and other challenges during pregnancy to help process and understand grief and loss they are experiencing. I believe every mother and family, in every circumstance, should have nonjudgmental continuous support during birth and beyond, whatever the situation.

As I have found myself, there are many unknowns throughout pregnancy, birth, and parenting. It isn’t easy, even when you know what you’re doing. Throughout my own pregnancies, I hired help to assist me, including breastfeeding replacement. Their help was invaluable, and allowed me to become a better doula. I am truly a woman that practices what she preaches, always with the intention of helping others grow.

Why Me, Sally as Your Doula?

No matter how many babies you’ve had, each pregnancy and labor is different. There are many unknowns throughout pregnancy, birth, and the early stages of parenting. Friends and strangers may provide advice with great intentions in mind, but the information can be overwhelming, misleading, and even scary.

For the past 30 years, I have had the honor to work with moms from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. I have worked with first-time parents, fifth-time parents, single moms, teen moms, survivors of trauma and domestic violence, and same sex couples. These diverse experiences have equipped me with the skills needed to be an extremely useful doula.

Pregnancy/parenting is a wonderful, difficult, challenging, and amazing (often all at the same time) life-changing experience. Having a compassionate and approachable person like myself to help guide you is very helpful... Someone who listens, understands the emotions you are going through, and can help simplify the process by lessening the complexity. It takes not only a team, but the right team. Together, you and I can strategize what works best for you and your family's needs. 

How will I Support You?

As your birth doula, I assist you and your partner/s during the process of pregnancy and delivery. We look at the variety of birthings that are available for you, and together choose an option that feels right. Although I cannot provide the medical or technical information that a doctor or midwife can, I can offer my knowledge and experience. During your birth, I’m am there to comfort you physically with cooling cloths, massage for your back, belly, arms, legs, feet, as well as support you emotionally. During this time you are also forming memories you will never forget and will wish to pass on; I keep a record of these moments so that you may make a birth book for your new baby.

As your postpartum doula, I act as a support system for the many challenges you may encounter along the way. My years of experience provide a compassionate source of knowledge and understanding that can help you through the postpartum process. Not only will postpartum mothers receive the nurturing they need for full recovery, but in the event of any postpartum depression, I can help point you to the resources you need to get better.

Sally's Perspective

Everyone is different and parenting is no exception. We all have strengths, challenges, and weaknesses we work with in life. Marital status, age, ethnicity, background, and childhood history do not necessarily determine how we will perform as a parent.

Regardless of your experience level, managing day-to-day responsibilities with a new baby can be challenging. It’s difficult to learn everything within nine short months of pregnancy. Other times, adding a new sibling to an existing family can be challenging. As your doula, I can help alleviate all these challenges by working with you directly.

Anytime unfamiliar challenges or questions arise, your doula is always there to help. As your doula, I help you transition and adjust to your new life. I am there when you need me most, through thick and thin, tears and joy, and to make sure you are treated with the judgment-free support you need and deserve.

Breastfeeding and/or skin-to-skin contact with your baby stimulates your hormones, bringing you joy and peace while you hold your newborn. As your doula, I can help you access your paths to enjoying these hormonal changes. In some cases, these hormonal changes can lead to unexpected postpartum depression. This is quite common and in no way means you are a failure in any way. As your doula, I can help refer you to the care and resources your specific needs may require.

Proving doula services is more than just work to me, it’s a sincere passion I hold dear to my heart. I truly enjoy helping your family grow, and always work with your best intentions in mind.

Sally as a Volunteer

Giving has always been very important to me. As a result, my life is full of volunteer work that I continue to this very day. In addition to volunteering, we have opened up our home to the public in the form of AirBNB. This unique opportunity allows us to share our home while meeting people from all around the world in the process. Every day is a new blessing.

Work & Volunteer

  • Community Volunteers in Medicine (CVIM)
  • Village of Arts and Humanities - North Philadelphia
  • Germantown Headstart at Norris Square Civic Association- North Philadelphia
  • Managed “Village Hands On Health" at the Village of Arts & Humanities thru’ Thomas Jefferson University Community Health Dept - Philadelphia
  • "My Brother’s Place” Rehab for Men with TJU Community Health Dept.
  • Drexel University CNHP Community Health Clinical Instructor
  • The Village of Arts and Humanities - North Philadelphia
  • Philadelphia Parent Child Center - North Philadelphia
  • Philadelphia Department of Public Health Childhood LEAD Awareness Program
  • Fairhill Community Center (Spanish Speaking) Providing Health Education for Children and Adults
  • Enabled a Semester of Community Nursing Experience for Drexel Univ. College of Nursing & Health Professions (CNHP) Students Thru' a Collaboration with the Phila. Public School System’s School Nurses
sally doula birth and postpartum doula west chester pa
sally doula birth and postpartum doula collage west chester pa

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