Rain Friend

toad or frog on rock in rain
just hoping’ along

My Galactagogue gardener is loving the rain.  Anyone know the difference between a frog and a toad?  Given the (beautiful) warts, I’m assuming this gardener is a toad.  S/he’s friendly so anyone stopping in, especially children, may be able to find her/him.  Maybe we’ll even get some little toadies?  Time will tell.


  1. It looks like a happy frog :0) Love the website Sally!!

  2. When you are weeding beware of the cucumber vine also known as Asian hops. It has a five pointed leaf and a prickly vine that grows faster than mile-a-minute. Wear long sleeves + gloves to pull out the root and throw away the removed roots, leaves & vines. Beware – the prickles can get under your skin and will keep you up itching – as if you didn’t have enough to keep you up at night!!!!

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