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Below you will find a number of great parenting related resources, including online, books, as well as local resources in the Greater Philadelphia area.

If you find a listing that needs to be updated, or if you would like to add a listing, please contact me and I will gladly help.


Perinatal Postpartum Mood & Anxiety Disorders

Postpartum Progress – a non-profit that educates and supports perinatal mood & anxiety disorders. Includes a listing of professionals across the U.S.
Postpartum Support International – educates & supports perinatal mood & anxiety disorders. Includes a listing of international professionals.
The Emily Effect – this foundation was created by a family of a woman that took her life due to PPD and PPA. The foundation's purpose is to end the stigma of these postpartum mental illnesses.


La Leche League International – includes a helpline, listing of local group leaders & meetings, and forum.
Breastfeeding USA – includes support, local chapters & leaders.
KellyMom – evidence-based resources for both breastfeeding & parenting.
Natural Breastfeeding – includes an amazing video explaining laid-back breastfeeding (an optimal newborn breastfeeding position).
LactMed – if you're a breastfeeding/bottle feeding breastmilk and wondering if it's safe for you to take a certain medication this is the site for you! LactMed also suggests breastfeeding safe therapeutic alternatives to some medications.

Birth Trauma

ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) – provides education & information on C-sections, C-section recovery, and VBACs. Includes listing of local chapters.

Preparing for Birth

First Aid for Pregnant Women – By understanding the physical changes brought about by pregnancy you can respond appropriately to maternal emergencies.
HypnoBirth – childbirth preparation that focuses on relaxation & breathing techniques, includes local classes/educators.
Bradley Method of Childbirth – partner/husband coached childbirth.
The Birth Hour Podcast – listen to mothers tell their birth stories first hand.

Newborn/Baby Care

Ask Dr. Sears – general parenting advice (including newborn/baby care, breastfeeding, sleeping, attachment parenting, etc.)
Baby Sleep – baby sleep described month by month and professional advice on common sleeping issues.
Happiest Baby on the Block – the 5 S’s for calming baby.

Postpartum Body Image

Fourth Trimester Body Project – a compilation of hundreds of women telling their birth & postpartum journeys, all while celebrating their beautiful postpartum bodies.
Mid Drift Movement – changing the conversation of the postpartum body.

Helpful Blogs

Happy With Baby – a great blog to help deal with the overwhelm of new motherhood.
Everything Babies – a pediatric physical therapist provides information about all things baby.
MBA to Motherhood – follow Lucy on her journey to empower and educate moms as she navigates her journey as a new mom.


Reading Resources for New Moms and Families


Local Resources for New Moms and Families

  • Motherborn. Dana Ehman BA. IBCLC, RLC.
    Breastfeeding workshops, education, lactation consultations

  • New Pathways for Women.  Barbara C. Washington MPH.   recovery support facilitator, behavioral health services

  • Jane Marie Dougherty RN, IBCLC.  Lactation Consultant Women’s and Children Serviceline

  • Lisa A. Brenner, RN, BSN, CH, PCP.  Stress & pain management, smoking cessation, weight release & management

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