SUN Worries

And a HOT day it is today!!!!!  I  re-hydrated – 4 cups.  So that’s my blog for the day: STAY HYDRATED. 🚰 Especially if you are pregnant, looking to get pregnant, have been pregnant within the last month, breastfeeding, are a Senior, are under 21, are female, and really just about anyone. We’re not aware of dehydration until it hits like a lead blanket over the head. Of course you are *thirsty but we often ignore that. Another clue is that your *urine breaks are fewer & when you urinate it’s yellower.  Ignore dry skin? pinch & let go a bit on the back of your hand; stays pinched? you’re dehydrated.  *Mild headache (but with no H2-O it gets worse).  *Dizzy*Tired feeling? – when we often say “maybe I’m getting sick?”  Basically you are! You are on the way to a SUN 🌞 STROKE.  It IS a stroke; it effects your brain and affects you in the above ways. Get some water into you AS WELL AS some electrolytes!  And of course it’s going to effect your family in numerous ways as well.   Look out for your children – with infants, the fontanel – soft spot on top of head) starts to look sunken; at first – crying, they’re thirsty, (headache, dizzy =) upset,  then sleepy; their skin is less elastic – again = the pinch test, and of course there will be less wet diapers and the yellow urine will be darker than usual.    CALL Pediatrician!   And for more +info:

Same is true for growing children & teens as well.  THESE YEARS are important because the body needs water and electrolytes which build & maintain all the organs, and maintain the supply (blood & other body fluids) of resources for the jobs which the body does to stay healthy and alive.

H2-O & electrolytes (Pedialyte-type drinks or juicy fruit, all-fruit juices, or lemonade, etc.) are needed to restore the water and the electrolytes (they’ll work for all).   AVOID a Sun Stroke = stay out of the direct sun: If you have to be in sun, carry an open umbrella; wear a wide brimmed hat, work under a tree or other cover; carry a water bottle with you and drink, refill,drink,refill; eat juicy fruit! 🍑🍊🍋🍉

SO LOOK OUT FOR YOURSELF FIRST and then look at all those around you!  We ARE our neighbor’s keeper – anyone around you is your neighbor – be a good neighbor and say “HY-DRATED” to them – show them a pinch test.   (Water glass) Bottoms UP –  Sally

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